Our family would like to welcome you to our Long Eared Hounds website. We are snuggled in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. There is a lot of time spent with our Basset Hounds daily to better their personality,which is the key for a loving dog. Basset Hounds have wonderful temperments,"very laid back", and are dog and people friendly. They love to be with their people!

There is a lot of effort that goes unto our program that involves the whole family,to ensure the best of the breed and health. Our puppies and adults will not be placed with puppymills,brokers,labortories,or any non- responsible breeder.We care for our dogs and want them to be in a loving home. We also take our babies back if for some reason their owner(s) isn't able to give the proper care. Here at Long Eared Hounds we have AKC registered parents and puppies.

All of our Basset Hounds have the long ears and those big feet!. Our family loves all animals and breeds of the canine, but its just something about the Basset Hound that just stole our hearts!  AKC is such a wonderful registry as they do inspections on breeders to make sure they are in compliance with basic standards of raising their dogs. All of our dogs are not kenneled up and run freely.There is two separated areas for our Bassets to run and they are rotated every other day for a new environment. We only have to separate males when females come in season.Each one has their own doggie door. We have looked forever to find the right Basset Hounds for our program and now we are offering them to you in a loving environment.All puppies come with a health guarantee, vet checked,vaccinated,a deworming series,a puppy kit, and of course your puppy!

Our family wishes you the best of luck to find the right puppy for your family. Whether you choose one from us or someone else, please remember this is a big  commitment caring for your Basset. We need no more dogs in the shelters. If you have any questions about your Basset , just fill out our form and we will try to help answer.Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy the information and photos.

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