Purchase Info.


 $2,500 Family pet-AKC Limited Registration is our normal price if not specific on their individual puppy page.

We always accept deposits to be on wait list for babies in 2024.


We do offer Full AKC Registration to those families we approve of. Our babies will not be placed with brokers, puppymills, or anyone that we fill uncomfortable with owning our babies.

We accept deposits of $500.00 to be placed on a waiting lists for a puppy. Each and every deposit is non-returnable and goes towards the balance of the puppy(s)/dog. When a deposit is placed it tells us that you are serious in purchasing one of our Basset Hound babies. We accept US Postal Money Orders or Certified checks from your bank, Venmo or Paypal for deposits and when the puppy(s) departs the remaining balance is due in cash only. No personal checks please!  If we have discussed about delivery of a puppy(s), the travel fee will need to be paid before  we leave out to your destination. All who are interested needs to fill out our "Contact Us Form" so we can know more about you and what you are looking for.
Choosing your puppy!
Picking your puppy out of a litter is so very exciting and finding your favorite is a wonderful experience. We have in the past let new owners choose at 1 week of age and we feel as if this was a bit too early. When having a deposit in we will allow you now to choose at 4 weeks old to all those with deposits in first. This is for the health and saftey of all puppies from folks bringing in unwanted diseases. Once you have placed a deposit in with us,we will update you and your family with litter photos starting weekly at 2 weeks old until 4 weeks old.  If you are wanting to see their personality, I can send you a video of them in action when everyone chooses at 4 weeks old by indivdual photos. All photos are sent out by a special program. When the puppies are 8 weeks old, we will allow new owners on the waiting list that has chosen their puppy to come pick their puppy up by appointments only. 

When visiting our home to pickup the puppy(s), we ask if you will respect our requirements. Please do not visit any other kennel or be around any unvaccinated dog/puppy within a week in visiting us here. There are too many folks that want to travel to kennel to kennel and spread unwanted canine diseases.We want serious owners and after looking at our babies you should know if you would want a Basset Hound from us. Even though all of our puppies are on a vaccine schedule,there is still that small percentage that they can still be in contact with those canine viruses. Puppies immune systems aren't fully developed to all of those diseases until 16 weeks of age. This is why we here at Long Eared Hounds and your vet encourges you to get him/her on a schedule for their vaccines once they leave the breeder. Our main goal is here when all puppies depart is that they are in excellent health. We also don't allow any other animals on our property due to health reasons.Our adult Bassets and puppies love to see new smiling faces and we look forward to seeing you soon.


           Meeting you at the airport!

  For those too far away from us can still have the advantage of owning one of our babies. The option is for you to book a flight for yourself and have the baby as a carryon back home to you. The requirements for each airlines maybe different so you would have to double check this with the airlines you choose. We would be traveling to you at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Our fees to meet you there is $120.00 for our gas and time. This is a 1 hour and a half drive 1 way, so pretty much a half day drop for us.

* We  have the right to screen and choose each individual owner that is wanting a puppy from us. This helps us make sure they have great new homes.