Our Dams


        Tootsie Pootsie Roll Whisnant


Toot- Toot is a very loving girl, she always wants to be by your side! Toot is 100% European Bloodlines. He father was our Poland import 'Thomas" and her mother was our Russia import 'Iris" However, Toot loves to dig holes to make her a bed!






Iris was such a gorgeous girl that we had to import her from Russia by breeder Khusainova Dina. Iris's brother is Capo from our sire page. Iris loves to play with all the hounds but does want her space sometimes! Especially, with the younger pups, I guess she is done with all her children!





'Rainbe' is my son's girl! He treats her like a queen! He always comes home from work and first thing he does is go love on her! Rainbow is 75% European Bloodlines.


Meet our newest moms Jazzy, Zora, and Rumba!

All sisters from our Rocky and Iris!

Looking forward to seeing what litters they produce!


   Zelda Zora Zoom

Zora is a doll baby! She just loves to play tag with her other 2 sisters Jazzy and Rumba! Zora is 100% Euro and has rececently had her first litter ! They were called 'The 3 Amigos' Ned, Jefe and Dusty!