Growing Stages

The following photos is from our last litter Iris and Edwin.
We wanted to show you how fast they grow from 1 week old to 8 weeks old.

These babies have all went home to their new owners.

Those ears keep growing each week as you can see!

If interested in a new family member to join your family ,please fill out our contact form on here
 so we know more about your family and what your looking for.


                         1 week old-front view
                                          1 week old-back view
                                    2 weeks old- front view
                       2 weeks old -back view                
                       3 week old -front view
                       3 week old back view
                                 4 weeks old- front view 
                                       4 weeks old-back view
                                          5 week old - front view
                                         5 weeks old- back view
                                         6 weeks old- front view
                                  6 weeks old - back view
                            7 weeks old -Front View
                    7 weeks old- Back View
                             8 weeks old -Front View
                 8 weeks old- Back View