Amy's Miracle
The photo was me on the left after my jaw surgery on Aug. 26,2021-Photo on right is me today May 2,2023. I'm so gratefull to be here today!

*An update on my condition since all this in 2009. I have been doing well for about 10 years until unfortunaly this Cancer creeped back up on me again. I had to have my right jaw recontructed. They had to take out bone under my right shoulder under my armpit and place in my jaw in 2021. I had to go through chemo and radation once again. It will be 2 years out now here in November 2023 just having dental issues due to radation. Please keep me in your prayers that this never comes back again, thank you.

I am writing this story to let the world know how God can turn devastating times around. In the spring of 2009, my family had some terrible news I, “Amy Whisnant” was diagnosed with tongue cancer. On the day it was confirmed was my husband’s birthday. I thought my time to go was very soon and I have a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful children, and those long eared babies to love forever! I was scared….. My dad passed away in 2007 on May 18 of Lymphoma Cancer and now it was my turn to go through some of what he did. My first symptom was just a sore on my tongue like a canker from maybe an upset stomach or I actually thought I bit it. I didn’t think nothing of it until a month passed and it wouldn’t go away. I tried several over the counter meds and nothing worked. One day when I was at the dentist I told him about it and he suggested I did a brush biopsy to ease my mind this was nothing. It came back negative. Well another month went by and it was still there! So I called the dentist back up to let them know and he suggested I went to a specialists higher up than him. This doctor can actually remove a piece of it and send it off to Texas to confirm once again this wasn’t Cancer. That week went slowly and on May 19,2009 I got a call from the specialist letting me know that it didn’t look good. He told me to see a ENT doctor(ears, nose, throat) and to find a great Oncology Physician too. Well, from that day forward life just seemed liked everyday is too precious to waste. God was by my side in the past, but I became quickly much closer. I had a piece of my right side of my tongue removed. They wanted me to do radiation after that and I refused, because of all the problems it can occur and the percentage was low too. In July of 2009, I was having some swelling under my neck and I was concerned about this ,so we checked it out. I went in for more test and they did a biopsy on one of my lymphoid and it came back positive for Cancer. At that time I had no choice, but to do the Radiation and who knew that small percent would be there. Our doctors has also wanted me to do Chemotherapy to just wipe out all this Cancer if it was any where else. I really didn’t want to do the Chemo because I have always had long hair and now I will lose it all! I had to do it, because I have so much more to give in life and I have a awesome family. I had to go through 35 treatments of radiation and 7 weeks of Chemotherapy. My eating and drinking went down real fast and it was hard to consume 1000 calories a day. I lost close to 50lbs and to this day I am eating and drinking better each and every day. I am eating better foods and have so much energy. I do think God wanted to give me a “Wake Up” call so I can live my life through him better also to live healthy. We really don’t know where this came from, as I don’t smoke or drink. It could have been anything. I was very sick during the times I had radiation and Chemo. They made me a mask to wear over my face that fit me. I was strapped to a table for about 20 minutes a day while this big machine went around me. It was scary and I hated going everyday. My mom and husband was always there at the treatment or visits. I had so much love and support from my family, friends, church ,breeders, and people I didn’t even know. My sister was so awesome as she brought my family a meal every night I had Chemo, as she knew I couldn’t do for my family on that day. I felt so helpless, but I really thank all who helped and prayed for me. God was with me all the way and I give him the praise and honor everyday. Evidently, he needed me here and pulled me through it. I am still not out of the water, as I am still in remission and have checkups often. We will stay on top of this and if something looks wrong we will fix it as we did at the beginning. I also can’t leave out those Bassets as I had so much happiness in the times I felt so sick to look up at a sad hound dog to smile at. They were by me as well. I wanted to write this on my website to let others know how God is so GREAT and if you don’t know him, I beg for you to read the bible in John-3-16. If you haven’t read anything great lately this will be the best you have ever read.

God Bless You All,

Amy Whisnant

Philippians 4:13

I can do all this through him who gives me strength. (NIV